North Connex Project

Supply of Egress Lighting and General Lighting

The North Connex project in which we supply our light fittings for are installed in one of the longest twin tunnels of Australia opening in mid 2020 providing road safety and guidance for evacuation.
Product Code Description
EVOESS Single Sided Running Man Exit 32m
EVOEDS Double Sided Running Man Exit 32m
EVODXENCX Directional Exit Sign 32m
EVOEXLNCX Exit, Strobe & Downlight Sign
EVOEPSNCX Emergency Phone Sign

Our EVOLO product range consist of emergency luminaires that have been designed with long life LED and ensure high visibility in extreme tunnel environments. It will combat against high levels of moisture and dust with IP65 protection. Our products are expected to operate efficiently all day with minimal maintenance required. All materials have been chosen with quality and installation environment in mind.
All our luminaires are designed and built to the appropriate Australian standards.
AS/NZS 60598 Luminaire General Requirements
AS/NZS 2293 Emergency Escape Lighting